How To Have A Productive Vet Clinic That Runs On Time Without Vets Needing To Control All Aspects Of The Daily Running Of Cases

Give me 12 weeks and I'll help you empower your vet nurses to reduce veterinarian input on non-critical tasks and increase your number of procedures each day.

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Your Veterinary Tribe led by Ian Hainsworth, is a community and set of tools and resources for the world’s top veterinary practice owners and managers.

If you’re frustrated with your practice’s unproductive schedule and complete reliance on the veterinarian while aiming to serve more clients daily and improve animal outcomes, then Transformational Vet Nursing is designed specifically for you.

The Transformational Vet Nursing Philosophy Is Simple

When you know how to set your vet clinic's future foundations, progress through creativity, and ignite your influence, you'll have all the tools necessary to rapidly shift your dynamics to enjoy a smooth running and highly profitable practice. All our material is designed to help you with those three elements, using cutting-edge proprietary strategies and tools.



Witness your practice shift from good to great as you and your team of vet nurses advocate for animals effectively while communicating more smoothly using our proven techniques to win each day.



Manage the hurdles that cause most stress in your practice. With the right tools you will feel in control as you guide your team of vet nurses to thrive with productivity, efficiency and effectiveness.



Enjoy greater impact within your team and for your ever-growing clientele while increasing animal outcomes without relying solely on vets to guarantee the future of your practice.

What People say About Transformational Vet Nursing

Through strong training Ian ensured I was working daily in a way that was aligned with my values and meeting my own personal goals of being able to genuinely assist clients care for their pets, and ultimately help more animals receive the best care possible for their individual needs.

Laura Maltby

Former Transformational Vet Nurse

The lessons that Ian passed on have led me to excel beyond the capabilities of your conventional vet nurse.

Ian's lessons helped me built the confidence for handling challenging situations and conversations. I learnt to build better client relationships and outcomes for the animal.

Samuel Hutchison

Transformational Vet Nurse

Being trained by Ian has taught me I am more than capable and allowed me to use my Vet Nursing skills.

I learned from Ian the right way to care for the client and patient in a way that aligned with my values.

Being this type of nurse empowered me but also relieves the amount of pressure on the vet.

Amy Judd

Transformational Vet Nurse


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Whenever you're ready, here are three ways we can help you increase your number of daily procedures, reduce veterinarian input on non-critical tasks and build a client-focussed culture...

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